“Who is Jesus?” A Study of the Gospel of Mark

Lesson Three: Jesus’ Authority is Challenged by Adrienne L.

Lesson Five: No Small Mystery by Kelly S.

Lesson Seven: The Compassionate Lord of Life by Mary L.

Lesson Ten: Faith to See the Heart of the Matter by Holly W.

Lesson Eleven: Eyes That See by Mary L.

Lesson Twelve: Jesus is the Christ by Adrienne L.

Lesson Thirteen: Jesus is the Beloved Son by Adrienne L.

Lesson Fourteen: True Discipleship, Part One by Kelly S.

Lesson Fifteen: True Discipleship, Part Two by Kelly S.

Lesson Sixteen: Jesus Judges Jerusalem

Lesson Seventeen: Jesus is Questioned


Lesson Eighteen: Enduring by Faith


Lesson Nineteen: The Betrayal


Lesson Twenty: The Arrest


Lesson Twenty-One: Who’s on Trial?


Lesson Twenty-Two: The Death of the Son of God


Lesson Twenty-Three: Take Courage