We desire to encourage women to faithfully study God’s Word in depth.  We are part of the teaching team for the weekly bible study at our local church.  Our love for God’s Word and for the women in our study has led us to start this blog.  A large portion of our ladies are mothers with young children, which can mean absences from and distractions during our morning meeting times.  Many of these posts are the manuscripts from the morning teaching time.  Occasionally we will be sharing other things God is teaching us.  We hope that you can come and be encouraged, strengthened, and motivated to further your search for the treasure of truth found only in God’s Word.



I am a mom of two kids, one with Asperger’s, and one with chronic health issues.  My husband is a former high school math teacher turned computer programmer who helps me improve my teaching skills.  I have been involved with the Bible study at our church since 2005, teaching since 2010.  I really appreciate studies that help me understand the academics as well as the heart application of God’s Word.  I never thought I would be a Bible study teacher, but God has been faithful to carry me through all my fears and I pray He continues to be glorified through our times together.

Liebert, Mary


I am passionate about leading others into in-depth study of God’s Word. As we study together we grow together in knowledge and encourage one another to live out what we are learning. It’s an awesome experience to see the Word of God transform lives!
I’ve been married to Jeff since 2005, who inspires me daily to love God more. We have three young kids, who provide us plenty of opportunities to teach God’s Word and practice what we teach.
I have a bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology from Multnomah Universty, and it’s a joy to be able to use my education within the church body that I love so much!




I am wife to Daniel, an associate pastor at Hinson Baptist Church and mother of three young children. I enjoy being outside with my kids, biking, running, hiking and doing dates in Forest Park with Dan. I especially enjoy studying God’s Word, worshiping Him with His people on Sundays and getting to know the women in my church and neighborhood.



DeBoer, Mary-Alice retake








Whit pic


I came to saving knowledge of Jesus Christ shortly before my sixteenth birthday and nothing has been the same since! Everything I am and everything I do is shaped by the good news (great news!) that Jesus saves sinners like me. My ministry is driven by the desire to equip others to read and study God’s Word well resulting in deeper affection for Christ and his glorious gospel message. By God’s grace, I earned my M.A. in Biblical and Theological studies from Western Seminary where I currently work part-time and plan to continue further theological training. I love to write about Jesus, study the Bible, read and discuss good theology, drink strong coffee, and exercise. My favorite thing to do is spend time with Neal—my best friend, my partner in ministry, and my husband of 8+ years.

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