Weary of Winter Weather?


A week ago, this is what my neighborhood looked like!  It was beautiful, fluffy, and a wonderful surprise as we don’t get weather like this very often.

It also became somewhat discouraging, because it shut down the city for DAYS!  Which meant we did not get to start our study of Hosea when we wanted to!  Schools were closed, Bible Study was canceled, events were postponed, and we desired for the snow to just be beautiful without being prohibitive.


Well, now my neighborhood looks like this:


Not nearly as pretty.  The melting snow and ice have left these piles that don’t seem to know how to melt.  They are half ice, half snow, and half slush (I know, mathematically impossible, but still true!)  Kinda depressing.

However, this means the city is waking up from its Winter slumber!  Roads (most of them) are passable, and we are planning to start our Hosea study this Thursday!!!!  If you are joining us, and don’t already have one, we will be using the Hosea study guide from the Knowing the Bible series, which can be found here. (Not an affiliate link)

If you don’t have a guide, or can’t get one before we begin on Thursday, take some time to just read through the book of Hosea at least once.  Or listen to it while you do dishes.  When we gather, Adrienne will lead us through an overview of the book, and we will begin digging in with both hands next week.

Our desire is to continue observing this theme of Redemptive Love that we have seen in Ruth, but from a different angle.  May we be drawn to deeper worship of the One who never ceases pursuing us in His love.

See you Thursday!

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