Act II. Part II: An Israelite’s Kindness (Ruth 2:14-23)


 The following is the outline and notes used during the teaching time.  To hear how Holly filled in the outline, listen to the audio above. 

Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are precious stones are best displayed in settings that put their beauty on display!

Turning Point: A Jewel of Redemptive Hope

Truth: God orchestrates pivotal moment in history of spiritual awaking which beautifully evidence his redemptive kingdom work

The role of book of Ruth in God’s plan of redemptive history.

I have appreciated the book of Ruth as the little gem that sits nestled between two significant time periods in Old Testament history! As Whitney pointed out in her introduction, the story of Ruth comes near the end of the time of the Judges when “there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.”

And this beautiful redemption account of Ruth/Boaz/Naomi precedes the books of 1 and 2 Samuel that are named after the man through whom God worked to established a monarchy in Israel. Within this new order of God’s rule over Israel, the offspring of Naomi/Ruth/Boaz would come to redeem the world!

On a macro scale: the book of Ruth sits in a crux of history and becomes a high point/an apex that beautifully displays God’s redemptive handiwork – God is providentially at work in the ages embedding an account of his character in the annuals of time. A turning point, a sparkling jewel of hope, foreshadowing the future: the final redemption and the marriage of Jesus Christ and his bride, the church

Within the Book of Ruth: Hebrew short story – none finer!

Contrast used well

Define: the state of being strikingly different from something else, typically something in juxtaposition or close association

Examples: pleasant/bitter (Naomi), empty/full, living/dead

  • 2 main characters: Ruth/Boaz
    • young/middle-aged,
    • alien/securely established in home community,
    • destitute widow/prosperous businessman,
    • foil for each: Orpah/Unnamed redeemer – (character who contrasts with another character in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character.)


  1. Define: the quality of being made up of exactly similar parts facing each other or around an axis.
  2. Examples:
    1. Naomi begins with fullness and ends with restored fullness
    2. Ruth undertakes to provide for Naomi – Naomi undertakes to provide for Ruth
    3. Ruth shows hesed in pledging to Naomi – Boaz displays hesed in redeeming Ruth
  3. Crucial Turning Point: a precious gift – exactly midway: in our passage this week!
    1. Ruth 2:18-20 – read text
    2. Previously: Mara – no hope
  • See! Listen! Recognize!
    • Abundance of Ruth’s gleaning
    • Providence under Boaz’ care
    • Identity of Boaz as kinsman redeemer: a relative!

What is the hope that was awakened for Naomi?

  1. A future and a hope! (Jeremiah 29:11)
  2. Anticipation of restoration

Bless the LORD!

What is the hope that can bring you and I redemptive awakening? The saving work of Jesus Christ, the perfect Son of God! His loyal love brought him to earth to die a sinner’s death and satisfy the wrath of his holy Father so that he could secure our welfare. He offers us the promise of protection, provision, security and redemption!

Q – Do you know Jesus Christ as you kinsman Redeemer? He is ready to abundantly provide for you.

Q -Today will you turn from your desperate place, repent and know his gracious, personal provision?

Q-  If you know him as your redeemer, are you beautifully evidencing his redemptive kingdom work through your life of faith?


On a micro scale: the redemptive awakening of Naomi sits in the crux of the Empty/Full narrative and becomes the pinnacle that beautifully displays God’s redemptive handiwork – a turning point, a sparkling jewel of hope embedded in the past, foreshadowing the future: formal redemption and the marriage of Boaz and Ruth, his bride – from whose lineage will come the Ultimate Kinsman-Redeemer: Jesus Christ, Messiah!

Truth: God uses a variety of means to awakens people to redemptive hope

  • My story of awakened redemptive hope:
  1. Like Ruth: unmoored from the familiar in a foreign land
    1. Context:
      1. Mid HS family move/Lutheran church spiritually lacking
      2. Off to college w/o strong spiritual habits – no church
      3. Just before end of term – attended CCC
    2. In Communist Russian on a cultural tour:
      1. “Behind the Iron Curtain” – no cell phones! Communism…
      2. international crisis (80 miles from the Chernobyl Nuclear Meltdown site)
      3. Found myself: Unknown harms/Isolated/Safety/Health/
    3. Like Naomi, God used unexpected circumstance to awakened in me a renewed spiritual orientation! Without easy access to the western world and many questions without answers, I turned to God as my sure hope.

Truth: Full redemption is yet future but redemptive hope compels us towards God!

  1. Upon my safe return, I bought a journal and spent the summer with my bible pondering the question: “Who is God and who am I?” with the confident hope that I was on the journey to grow closer to Jesus Christ
  2. God used my turning point to change the church my family attended
  3. By the New Year, the gospel held new meaning for me!


God’s redemptive awakening in my life sits in the crux of a “live your best life now” orientation and the hope of the gospel through Jesus Christ my redeemer! I look back and see that it has become a spire in my redemptive story that I reference as a display of God’s redemptive handiwork.


Jewels of Redemptive Hope:

Turning Points in history: The book of Ruth in the OT canon of scripture

Turning Point in Naomi’s personal story: realized hope in the middle of her empty/full narrative


Each of these beautifully display God’s redemptive handiwork – a sparkling jewel of hope embedded in the past, foreshadowing the future.

Following Naomi’s example, let’s Bless the LORD for the pivotal moments that He orchestrates to bless us and others with fulfilled redemptive hope in Himself!



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