Up Next: A new school year, a new study.

It is September, and the routines of Autumn are falling into place.  (See what I did there?) That also means it is time to start up a new year of Bible study!

Our local meetings begin one week from tomorrow at Hinson Baptist Church in Portland, Oregon.  This year we will spend time studying two books of the Bible.  We will start with Ruth, and move into The Gospel of Mark after Christmas.  If you are local, and want to join us in person, feel free to let me know.  Otherwise, you can follow along with our study here!

As in years past, the teaching team will be posting their manuscripts from our morning meetings here for your edification.  We are adding teachers to our team, and hope to be adding more of you to our meetings!

So, check back weekly for a new lesson.  I will post them as soon as I have them.  And as usual, online feedback and comments are always welcome!

Happy September!

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