One week to go – for some of us!

Early morning giftFriends,

I spent last evening with a group of women who have committed to spending the year walking with you through God’s Word.  We talked about our study this fall, what this year’s meetings would look like (both morning and evening), and we prayed for you. One week from today the morning study at Hinson begins!!!!  Will you be there?

As in years past, we will be posting the teaching manuscripts for you to read – whether you normally participate in person and had to miss, or are a friend who has left and is participating from afar, or have stumbled upon our site and are following along (we are so glad you found us!).

We hope this year, among many things, to encourage you to approach God’s Word with ANTICIPATION!  When we read his Word – he speaks!  Do you come to the Bible expecting that?  Be reading Titus this week.  If you have your study guide, walk through Week One.  Our newest member of the teaching team, Whitney, will be sharing with us next week.

I hope to see many of you when we start next Thursday!

Grace and Peace,


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