Summer in the Psalms, Week Nine

In troubled times have you ever gone away from a prayer time still feeling disappointed, not feeling the hope that you had anticipated? I have. And so has the Psalmist in Psalm 88. 
Psalm 88 is the only lament in the book of Psalms that doesn’t end with a note of hope in God. The ending reads, “You have caused my beloved and my friend to shun me; my companions have become darkness.” Dismal. 
And yet, as the ESV study Bible points out, “Since Psalm 88 is in the canonical Psalms, the faith of this psalm cannot be separated from the faith expressed in the rest of the book, and it helps its singers to see that faith can be real, even when it cannot arrive at strong hope after prayer.” Our feelings need not dictate our faith. And though we may not feel hope at the moment, we can wait on the Lord who will renew us again (Isaiah 40:31). After all, that is faith…and it will soon be sight. Come, Lord Jesus.

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