Summer in the Psalms, Week Three

In Psalms 21-30 I was struck over and again by the amazing attributes of our God. God’s goodness and absolute perfection, His holiness*shine through these ten psalms. Here is a sample:

  • He is strong (21:1)
  • He saves (21:1)
  • He is rich with blessing (21:3)
  • He gives life (21:4. Did anyone else think of the book of John here?)
  • He is just (21:8-12)
  • He is powerful (21:13)
  • He is righteous (22:31)
  • He is a good shepherd (Ps. 23 – Remember John 10?)
  • He is mighty and glorious (24:8-9)
  • He is merciful and shows steadfast love (25:6)
  • He is good and upright (25:8)
  • He is faithful for those who keep his covenant and His testimonies (25:10)
  • He is light (27:1 – John again!)
  • He is beauty (27:4)
  • He is a healer (30:2)
  • He brings joy (30:8, 11)

Do reading these attributes of God encourage you? Our God is amazing! These verses are so encouraging…but they also give me eyes to see how unlike God I am. This past week especially I deeply felt my shortcomings in many areas of both godliness and capability. But what I have been preaching to myself all week is that King David didn’t find rest and confidence in His own strength, but mighty David rejoiced in the Lord’s strength (21:1). His heart trusted in God, not himself, and he was helped (28:7).

Without God, I would be tossed around like a wave. I would be looking for love, peace, comfort, security, joy, etc., in all the wrong places. Without knowing it, I’d be trying to enjoy all the wonderful attributes of God without Him. Being a self-motivated person, I would desperately try to achieve godliness by my own strength. Even as a Christian I can still struggle with this. My pride often enjoys “a job well done” or evidences of my “Christian character” in a self-glorifying way.  But these verses in Psalms show me that God is the source of any goodness found in me. 

Jesus Christ was forsaken by God (22:1) so that we could be rescued by God.  Part of the rescue Christ brings is a rescue from having to find satisfaction and peace in our own glory or goodness, which will always eventually fail. Now I am free to enjoy giving glory to God in all his unfailing perfection. I hope to grow more in enjoying the holiness of God as I meditate on Him in His Word.

 “Sing praises to the Lord, O you His saints,

and give thanks to His holy name.” (Ps 30:4)

*Holiness means set apart, unique or different.  Last year I was helped in understanding holiness by reading “The Holiness of God” by R.C. Sproul. I believe Pastor Michael recommended it at a service once. It is easy to read, but also rich and encouraging.

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